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Welcome to 2018 Minties!!!

Sidelines NEW Menu in progress!

This new year brings us some great things here at Mint Moon Design! Number 1, its an even number! Yay for that! Who else feels better on an even year? Number 2, we finally get to finish some projects that some of you have been holding off on till after the new year! This brings me GREAT joy! Usually in retail, January's are boring. This does not seem to be the case here! Please be a little patient as I help my current customers! I promise I work fast!

We are approaching 1 year here at Mint Moon Design and I have

Gallivanter Design's overworked logo. ;O

been thinking of all the new things to bring with that. Keep your eyes peeled to the site over the next couple months!

Thank you for all the love Minties!! Yes... you all have been named Minties!!

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