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Supporting a Revolution is a GOOD Thing!

Most people I talk to feel the same way about certain things. Ice cream is delicious, the beach is beautiful, and pyramid companies drive us crazy. I get it. I felt it in my bones that it seemed to be some sort of a scheme. BUT.... lets look at the facts...

LuLaRoe is making millennial moms rich! see here.

I'm stoked and thrilled by this. Women and men are frequently held back in their careers if they want to have children in the United States. Daycare is super expensive and some don't want others helping raise their kids. This phenomenon of LuLaRoe is giving thousands of women and men an income that they didn't think was possible.

I'm not a consultant, and I will never be, but I appreciate the money and time this has given to my extended family and loved ones. I fully support ANY company that helps in this economy, helps women and men be able to stay home with their littles, and a company that sells quality stuff!

I'm a creator. I support my local artists. I'm also going to support my fellow retailers. #womensupportingwomen

My favorite Consultants and Companies...

Shop Stevie - not a Multi-level Marketing Company, but a great quality clothing company with local independent retailers

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