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Women Supporting Women

"Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other women cheering her on."

Women NEED cheering on. We need emotional support from other women who came before us. When a girl tells me she's really a "guys girl" I always ask why. Limiting yourself to friendships of one gender can be harmful to your self-worth. Women don't have to be against each other. We can support and be strong together. We have a bond that unites us, so why not lift each other up?

If a fellow lady has been bullied or hurt by another lady, that can really lower self-esteem and cause fear against our fellow woman. When one woman comes to the aid of another, that is one small step to build one another back up. As this continues to happen, we start building relationships of love and companionship. This builds our walls back up and gives us more confidence in all aspects of life.

Support your fellow woman...

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